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Natura Sugars is a company that offers a range of truly cane unrefined sugars on the South African market. The range is crafted to lock in, rather than refine out the natural molasses of the sugarcane juice, without added colourants, additives or preservatives - just as nature intended.

All our sugars are VEGAN and GMO-FREE. Natura Sugars are natural products, having only undergone the bare minimum processing; they are crystallised from the first press of the sugarcane juice without removing all the molasses from the syrup, using traditional crystallisation techniques dating back centuries ago. Our sugars do not have any added syrup but instead, have been crafted to lock in the natural molasses and health benefits of sugarcane. They do not contain any colourants, preservatives or artificial additives and have not been bleached, nor treated with ionising radiation; they have also not been decolorised by ion exchange or using activated Carbon. 

A study carried out recently by the Biopharmaceutical Unit of the Centre for Biomedical and Materials Research (Mauritius Research Council) at the University of Mauritius has revealed that Mauritian Special Sugars have better antioxidant potency than refined sugar. Our special sugars therefore bring health benefits to its consumers when used as natural sweeteners or as food ingredients.

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